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Our Little Dragons Program is a class specifically geared toward students who are 5&6 years old.  Through years of teaching experience, we have found that students of those ages work best together.


Little Dragons love to play, especially with other children.  Having an organized setting and instructor supervision, they learn Martial Arts and Self Defense. But most of all, they have fun. This class gives them good social skills so socially, the Little Dragons will become leaders at school, at home and in the Martial Arts.


Our goal is to develop in each students:

  • Listening skill
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Respect for parents and teachers
  • Self-control
  • Stranger awareness
  • And the ability to work with other children


Students will earn belts based on their attendance, behavior and ability to demonstrate some basic Martial Arts techniques.  


The Little Dragons program is the perfect way for young children to get introduced to all the wonderful benefits of Martial Arts training and the half hour classes are fun and exciting for the children.

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